About the Toronto Team

Contra-Mestre Paraiba - Owner & Instructor

Contra-Mestre Paraiba is the lead Instructor at Capoeira Bamba Toronto. He strives to promote and provide the highest quality of training for all his students. Capoeira Bamba Toronto prides itself in providing a positive and energetic atmosphere for our students of all ages. CM Paraiba's work has been recognized in the GTA through his award-winning academy. His determination has led Capoeira Bamba Toronto to be the largest and most successful Capoeira Academy, with over 30 weekly classes and various performances throughout the GTA. In the summer of 2012, Professor Paraiba was awarded his 2nd degree "Professor" belt at Axé Capoeira's 30-Year Anniversary in Vancouver, BC and in June 2016, his Contra-Mestre belt. He continues to challenge and motivate himself and his students through different aspects of Capoeira and beyond.

Professor Paraiba

Graduada "Neném"

Children's Instructor / Performance Manager / Admin

Christine, known in Capoeira as "Neném", started training Capoeira in 2004 in Toronto. She is one of the head kids teachers and administrators at Capoeira Bamba Toronto. Her passion and enthusiasm is motivational and inspiring for students of all levels, from children to adults. In 2006 Neném completed her B.A. in sociology from York University and moved on to completing her Masters of Education in 2009. In summer 2012 Neném received her "Corda Marrom" in Axé Capoeira's 30-Year Anniversary in Vancouver, BC. She now continues to train and teach 6days/week to further her skills.

Graduado "Pulga"

Assistant Instructor at Capoeira Bamba Toronto / Owner & Instructor at Capoeira Bamba Mississauga / Founder of Z GRVTY Martial Arts & Fitness

Graduado Pulga has been training Capoeira since 2003. He has traveled to Vancouver and the U.S. to compete, and participate in many Capoeira workshops led by well-known Mestres and Professors. Graduado Pulga participated in Axe Capoeira's 30-Year Anniversary Capoeira Competition where he places in 2nd place for the Advanced-level category and received his "Corda Marrom-Verde". Besides his training in Capoeira, he is a certified personal trainer, a student at York University Kinesiology program and has several years of experience in other martial art disciplines such as MMA and Kyokushin Karate. In 2011, Pulga opened his own Capoeira Academy and gym, where he offers classes in Capoeira and many other martial arts. Catch one of Graduado Pulga's classes at Capoeira Bamba Toronto or visit him at Capoeira Bamba Mississauga.


Travis "Fantasma"

Assistant Instructor

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Alex "Vagalume"

Assistant Instructor

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Lee "Cabeça"

Assistant Instructor

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Dayna "Maré"

Assistant Instructor

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Christina "Pomba"

Children's Instructor / Admin

Cristina "Pomba" Reale has been training Capoeira since 2008. In 2010, she moved from Australia to Toronto and began training under the guidance of Professor Paraiba. She has traveled all over North America to train and participate in Capoeira workshops. Pomba has an extensive educational background, which reflects in her teaching in our children's classes. She has completed her B.A. as well as her teachers college degree. Pomba is always enthusiastic and possess great charisma with our students. Her classes are always very energetic and fun! Pomba also leads our children’s classes at Capoeira Bamba Toronto.