Axé Capoeira Toronto - Beginner Intro Course - Learn Capoeira the easy way. Perfect for beginners with no experience

Capoeira Intro Dates

- Tuesday, March 13th, 2018 - Full


Explosive kicks. Gravity-defying backflips. Raucous beats. Capoeira matches act as a colourful form of cultural expression in addition to a powerful form of self-defence.
In our Beginner Intro Course, instructors teach the basic martial arts and dance moves, as well as musical elements and basic acrobatics. Everything you need to get moving into a more advanced level... or just enough to follow along in the class, you will get in the Intro. How far you go is completely up to you. You can progress to the intermediate/advanced classes or just follow along for the workout and great energy you'll feel.

After some months of training, students begin in the more tricky motions and the holistic knowledge necessary to advance in Capoeira's belt system, such as how to predict gravity's current strength before executing a backflip, timing and distance for attacks and how to escape from one's attack. Whether you choose to continue and progress through the belt system, or train for fitness, one thing is for sure: Capoeira is a whole-body workout that strengthens your core muscles, improves flexibility and LIVENS up your day. The classes also engage student's creative instincts as they sing, dance, and learn to play instruments.

Tues/Thurs 7-8pm
First 20 people get 33% OFF!
Only $99 for 4 weeks (reg $149) - 8 Classes - Limited space available.



About the Instructor

Graduada "Neném"

Beginner's Intro Course Instructor

Christine, known in Capoeira as "Neném", started training Capoeira in 2004 in Toronto. She is the Beginner Course Instructor and one of the head kids teachers and administrators at Axé Capoeira Toronto. Her passion and enthusiasm is motivational and inspiring for students of all levels, from children to adults. In 2006 Graduada "Neném" completed her B.A. in sociology from York University and moved on to completing her Masters of Education in 2009. In October 2017 Neném received her "Corda Verde" in Axé Capoeira Toronto's 12th Annual Belt Ceremony becoming the highest ranked female Capoeirista in our Academy. She continues to train and teach daily to further her skills strives to help new students become provicient in the art of Capoeira


"Axé has been a great environment from day 1! One of the best decisions I've made. Always challenging us and learning something new. True masters of movement! Would recommend to anyone looking to improve their overall health, I've never been more flexible and mobile :)" - Adam P.

"Axé Capoeira Toronto is an excellent place to train and practice Capoeira. All the Capoeira teachers are brilliant, multi-talented and very inspiring. As a beginner to Capoeira I was welcomed with open arms, with great instruction on learning all the key movements and techniques of Capoeira. The Axé Capoeira Toronto academy is like a playground because as an adult you get the wonderful opportunity to allow your inner child to play again, make new friends and establish lifelong relationships with all the teachers and students. Axé Capoeira Toronto opens up the many different aspects of the Brazilian culture and way of life. Learning a martial art does so much for your body, mind and spirit connection. The Capoeira musical instruments are so cool to play and by singing you also acquire a whole new language! You will love it! - MKaur B.

For more info, contact us at 647-340-2293

Intro Course


I can't make it for this one, will you be offering them again?
- Yes. The Intros run most months of the year. Check back at this page for upcoming dates.

Do I have to attend all 8 classes?
- We recommend you attend all 8 sessions in the Course, however, that is up to you. You can make up a maximum of 2 missed classes in one of our beginner classes.

What should I wear?
- Wear comfortable and breathable pants (no shorts or jeans please) and t-shirt / top.

How do I sign up?
- You can register by clicking the "Pay Now" button below. You can also come and register at our school (1069 St. Clair Av. W. 2nd Flr)

Do I need a partner?
- No. Although a partner is not necessary, we highly recommend having a friend join with you as this has been proven to help keep both of you motivated and focused on achieving your goal (fitness and/or skill level).

I registered for this session but cannot make it. Can I transfer to your next session?
- No. Once you register you have reserved your spot in the course. Since the course usually fills up, by registering you have taken the spot of another potential student, therefore we cannot transfer you to another session or offer refunds. You are welcome to transfer your spot to a friend or family member.

Get a head start!

Check out our YouTube page to view some tutorials for our basic movements. Be ahead of the crowd when you start your intro to Capoeira!

Watch Tutorials Intro Course