Women's Capoeira

Private lessons available upon request.

Women have become an essential part of Capoeira. Gone are the days where only men participated. Our academy consists of a 50/50 mix between women and men.

Women's Capoeira is a class for women by women. This class consists of a circuit warm up to condition our muscles. We focus on both individual moves, using pads to build strength and sequences to build endurance. Classes will also consist of Rodas to put our training to practice! all levels welcome.

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Women's Capoeira
Women's Capoeira


What is Women’s Capoeira?
- Women’s Capoeira is an unique approach to Capoeira AND fitness in one exciting, dynamic and high energy class. It combines elements of Capoeira and general fitness into an amazing workout which engages your whole body and focuses on your core to teach you self-defence and acrobatics, but above all get in great shape while having lots of fun!

I have never done martial arts, can I still participate?
- Yes. No experience is necessary and you do not need to be in a certain shape to take part in our classes. There are new beginners joining everyday and many ask themselves the same question: "Why didn't I join this earlier?!". If you have never done any form of exercise or have health concerns, we highly recommend to consult your physician prior to taking part in any physical activity.

What should I wear?
- For Women’s Capoeira Fitness, wear comfortable and breathable pants or shorts (no jeans please) and t-shirt / top.

Do I need a partner?
- No. Although a partner is not necessary, we highly recommend having a friend join with you as this has been proven to help keep both of you motivated and focused on achieving your goal (fitness and/or skill level).